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Celebrate learning

Is your team hungry for knowledge? Let us accompany you on this exciting journey.

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Why Choose Us?

Strategize away from home

Is your leadership team ready for the challenges ahead? We provide inspirational executive outings in fascinating locations.

Developing team culture

Does silo mentality negatively affect employee morale? We develop a culture of team work and collaboration.

CSR and Low carbon events

Are you environmentally conscious? Check out our low carbon events.

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Are you looking for convenience? Book your team building event online in six clicks.

Celebrate learning

Is your team hungry for knowledge? Let us accompany you on this exciting journey.

Customization for every budget

Are you looking for team building events that fit your culture? We provide stellar customization for every budget.

Latest Team Building Events

7 secrets for the perfect brainstorming session

A case for more brainstorming in Thai companies Many companies in Thailand do not do regular brainstorming, and that may be a reason why Thailand lags behind in the innovation index. In fact, Thailand ranks 52nd out of 128 countries, behind Singapore (6th), Malaysia (35th) and China (14th).

A position that every company in Thailand deserves – but does not have

The case for a team development consultant I recently asked a top executive from a multinational company with office in Thailand which type of organizational culture he wanted to work in. A) A culture of team work and collaboration or B) A culture of individual performance and competition.

Disruptive innovation – Why your business model may be obsolete over night

Executive workshop “creativity and innovation” in Bangkok We have all heard about disruptive innovation and it has become something of a buzzword and is frequently used in management jargon. Uber, Amazon, and Google supposed to be disruptive innovators, claim well-suited executives on cocktail parties and networking events around Bangkok.



Team building in Bangkok with Recycle Point

“Hi Rolf, thanks for an enjoyable team building event.  The staff enjoyed it tremendously. You were very patient and knew when and how to step in at different intervals. You did a good job.  Thanks.”

Yvonne Koh, Director of Human Resources, Recycle Point Pte. Ltd. Singapore


2017 Atlas Copco kick-off meeting and team building

“As always, the event by Beunite was extremely well planned and organized with great attention to detail. Preparation was excellent and the execution was professional and delivered with energy and enthusiasm. All the right ingredients for a great event and team building experience.”

Calum Urquhart, Regional Director, Atlas Copco Thailand

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Most Popular Team Building Events And Workshops

Bankok Amazing Chase

A heart-beating and adrenaline indulging team building race around Bangkok's

Bicycles for Bangkok kids

A CSR team building event to build and donate bicycles

The five dysfunctions of team

An executive outing to encourage trust, commitment and accountability.

Niagara Falls

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Dream Team

rolf grafFOUNDER

Rolf Graf, founder, managing director and head facilitator has 15 year’s experience in running team building events and training workshops. With an MBA and a background in psychology, he keeps on inspiring top executives to build high performing teams.


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